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I started playing piano at an early age and I never stopped!

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I came from a musical family - there was always a piano in our home. At an early age I was instantly drawn to the piano sound, learning to play nearly anything by ear.

I used to listen to records, recordings and TV shows that featured artists like Oscar Peterson, Peter Nero and many others on The Ed Sullivan Show. I always had that feeling for Jazz. I only started in my teens to study semi-classical music, eventually I would study classical music - allowing me to further improve my technique.

In my teens I was introduced to the Hammond Organ, I was regularly involved in The Hammond Organ Society recitals held in Montreal. My natural enthusiasm for playing music was noticed by a teacher that wanted to get me in the Conservatory of Music to study pipe organ but instead I opted to go play nightclubs and accompany shows.

Back then the scene in California was buzzing with new sounds and the organ was at the center of that new music, I went to California 4 times to experience it for myself.

I soon became drawn to Jazz on the organ listening to organists like Jimmy Smith, Groove Holmes and Jack McDuff. I would run to see them at the Montreal Esquire Show Bar whenever they were in Town. Later my influences brought me back to my love for piano, especially when I heard Bill Evans for the first time.

Jazz Music Biography

I will always be grateful for the chance I had to do some studies in Jazz with the renowned Art Roberts from Montreal. What I picked up in most of the lessons was by ear, when I would finish a lesson I would ask: "play me something" - those moments were priceless!

For many years I was back on keyboards with my B3 Hammond organ at La Diligence Stage Coach where I played with singer Linda Copperfield, guitarist Philip George. Montrealers made us feel welcome every night. It was encouraging to feel such warm and heartfelt feedback for Live Music, including a really nice review from The Gazette's Tommy Schnurmacher. I eventually formed the Paul Dow Jazz Trio and other groups that I played with during outside Concerts and Festivals in and around the area of Montreal.

Decades after my musical journey started, I am filled with gratitude that I have shared and continue to share in a part of the Jazz scene in Montreal with musicians such as Guy Richer, Yves Adam, Ivanhoe Jolicoeur, Kevin De Souza, Yvon Plouffe, Daniel Préfontaine, Guy Thouin, Daniel Lemay, Alain Mercure, Alex Bellegarde, Claude Lavergne, "Doc" Jean-François Roussel, Phil Valade and many others.

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Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all friends of Jazz in Montreal, Quebec and the World!

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